My Horizon

I've been mulling on this page in my brain forever. These are the lyrics to a Christine Dente song that I love (but really, I love any of Christine Dente's lyrics.) :)
This small stretch of sky is my horizon, the extent of all my hopeful dreams
Yet I yearn to go beyond perceptions and see inside some other lives unfolding
So I stretch my eyes above the rooftops, in circling the world of circumstanceI see a sea of faces, each is so significant, a multitude of hopes and dreams unfolding
So I stretch my mind and try to understand, how you could hold each soul inside Your plan
Oh Father, grant me faith to see my part in history,
Touching others with Your love unfolding

Open my eyes, open my heart,
Open these hands that hold us apart
Open up a way for me to see
The grandeur of the grander scheme unfolding
Happy Sunday.

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Mimi said...

I love this, and using lyrics is one of my favorite things to do as well!