We Slept

It's seems like such a simple thing to say "We slept all night" but to us, that's no small miracle. It's something we haven't done in a few months--Julian because of the seizures, Joal and me because no one should have to be alone when their body plays such nasty tricks on them.

But last night at almost 5 pm, Julian went to sleep and slept until 8:40 am, completely undisturbed by seizure activity. Joal jostled him at 10 pm to give him meds, but I'm not positive he was even awake. No wailing, no banging his head against the wall. No locked-up muscles. No blank stares. No drooling. Just sleep. Deep healing sleep. God is good.

I went to bed at 6 pm after being up for 36 hours. I slept peacefully until about midnight, got up for a little while, went back to bed and slept until about 6 am. I woke up slowly. What a change. Usually I wake up after having taken three steps toward Julian's room to calm him. What a gift. God is good.

To re-cap yesterday, we did get the EEG (that we've been trying to get for more than three months) while in the hospital and were lucky enough to have a seizure while the EEG was going on (as odd as it sounds to say he was lucky to have one). We had a neurology consult a few hours later.

In the wee hours of the morning on Monday, while he was restlessly enduring being attached to about 6 monitor wires and with an IV port in his hand that was driving him batty, Julian told me he was hungry and asked if we could go out to eat. He had no idea that it was almost 3 am. I told him that when we got finished at the hospital, we would go out to eat at any resturant he wanted to go to. He thought for a bit and then said he wanted to go to Applebee's for a chicken quesadilla and a brownie ice cream dessert. (This meal has history. It's his standard birthday faire. We never get desert unless it's someone's birthday.)

When we got out of the hospital, Joal and I knew that he was in no shape to go out for dinner, and frankly, neither were the rest of us. :) I don't like being the one to not follow thru on promises, so we negotiated down to having Daddy go get the requested meal and bring it home. Julian agreed and Joal dropped us at home and went to get the promised meal. Julian was so tired he didn't want to eat, so he went on to bed before Joal got home with his food. First thing this morning he woke up asking for you guessed it...he had chicken quesadillas and brownie with ice cream for breakfast!

Thanks for your comments and notes and prayers. We are blessed to have such caring friends. God is good.

Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Julian and your whole family are in our prayers. And of course you know we are only a phone call away. (I MEAN IT!! Need a meal? Let me know!) It must be hard to adjust emotionally to the seizures being back. It's been so long. We love you guys.


Laurie said...

Glad to read the report your family got a much needed rest. I will continue to lift you all up in prayer. Blessings...

Mimi said...

Happy Tuesday indeed! Thanks be to God everyone is sleeping, and continued prayers.