Shopping and Prom Fashion

I don't particularly enjoy shopping for clothing but my grief can usually be disuaded by a good sale. Tonight, for instance, I found 2 pairs of capri pants at Dillards for $21.
Black and brown.
Sturdy pants. Not jeans.
It's one of my flimsy pants.
This made my day.

I didn't wait until the last minute for shopping this year for the cruise. Pat me on the back, please. I usually put it off until the last possible second...making everyone around me crazy.

I probably wouldn't have had to shop for anything but the recent downshift in sizes necessitated a few new things. Not that anyone here is complaining. :)

I'm even making a necklace.

Speaking of fashion, when you have a few minutes to browse, go to ebay and do a search for "vintage prom". What an amazing feast of fashion you will find. My personal favorites are the ones from the 80s. Since when is something from the 80s called "vintage" anyway?

I should dig out the picture of my 1989 "vintage" prom dress. The term hideous comes to mind. Two phrases: puffy sleeves and electric blue lame'. You know that's gonna be a doozey, right?! I didn't actually go to prom. A group of my friends did an un-prom thing...dressed up, went out for dinner as a group, etc. Couldn't do the prom...long story. You are better off not knowing.

The dress was bold. For me it was very bold. Bad fashion...why is high school always made up of bad fashion memories?

Three weeks from Wednesday...

Oh and did I mention the commissioned scrapbook project? (I think I did.) The powers that be asked me to create a scrapbook for the cruise to be displayed at regional meetings (to inspire "the troops") and in the home office.

Want to know the best part?

The first regional meeting is March 9&10 in Arizona. We get home on Feb 19. So I'll have roughly 16 days to upload photos, edit and order, journal and execute about 30 pages and *ship it to Dallas*.

Oh my.
Hope no one needs me for anything between Feb 20 and oh say March 5...because I'm going to be a scrapbooking crazy woman.

I've ordered the album--a CTMH 12x12 leather that is beautiful. It's due to arrive on Thursday. I'm deciding on paper this weekend. I have the skeleton of the album done--thirty pages sketched and planned in a rough way. It's exciting...tho a little unnerving. I haven't had a commissioned project since October 2003.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. It'll be a challenge but I'll handle it. It means a great deal to me that my sweetie likes to show off what I do and that other people (non-scrapbooker types) appreciate the value of it as well. It'll be fun.


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Mimi said...

Sounds so wonderful, congratulations on the comission.

And, I deny that the 80s are vintage, gah!