Vandy Schmandy

I'm thinking of moving.
Just to get away from Vanderbilt Medical.
Those people are making me want a stiff drink.
(And I don't drink.)
They are apparently incapable of communicating amongst themselves.
Right left.

I am (if you didn't notice) so desperatly frustrated.
Julian's pediatrician suggested it was time for an EEG.
Seems like an everyday kindof procedure...not that big of a deal.
And's taken 2 months and about thirteen phone calls to 4 different offices and I still have no answers as to cost, no appointment, and evenyone seems supremely confused.

Vandy claims to have some of the best and brightest doctors in the world.
And I certainly don't dispute that.
When you are the author of the neurology textbooks used by medical schools all over the world...well, that's just impressive and a pretty good indicator of the calibur of studied professional that you are.
I get that.
I'm duly impressed.

But their maze of office and support staff (now there's a misnomer) is continually causing me great amounts of grief. No one can actually answer a question. It's like they are each a piece of the puzzle but no one has a clue what the whole image of the puzzle even the result is just massive chaos.

At this rate, Julian's going to be 20 before we get this done.
And I'm going to need drugs...
But I would have to go to the doctor to get the drugs...

Instead of drugs, this is where I go to be calmed--the Punta Langosta Pier in Cozumel...and this is another beach cam on Playa del Carmen in Cozumel.


Nicole Finlayson said...

It's SO frustrating sealing with a large group of people and getting nowhere.

I hope you sort it out soon,

Nicole xx

Nicole Finlayson said...

Hmm my apologies, I should proof read better. That should be dealing *blush*

EquineSpirit said...

((HUGS!!)) and I hope things get sorted out soon!

Anonymous said...

Our pediatrician always made the appointments at Vandy. Once my daughter was on the appointment books - it was easier to get answers or change the appointment.