Appropriate...wouldn't ya say?

I couldn't resist this!
I must sit down at the computer 50 times a day...

"When does public school start so I know when the splash park hours change?" Go to the school system website.

"What's the weather like in Florida at Christmas?" Go to the MSN weather site.

"What's the expected life of a Toyota Corolla and a Honda Civic?" Go to the big three car sites for stats.

"What's my inlaws address?" Go to

"What time does J's flight land on Wednesday night?" Go to the US Air website.

"How do I get to the Dr office at Vandy?" Mapquest.

"What are the peas discussing today?" Go to

"What do I need to know about a new med we are considering for Julian?" Go to Google.

"I want to hear a sermon replay from my pastor from a few weeks back." Go to the church website and play it.

"I need to clean out some of my old sb stuff to buy a few new things." Sell on ebay or Scrapbook Addict.

"I need to order that Club Scrap set of UM stamps..."
Email Sabrina. :)

"I want to get a movie."
Put it in the Blockbuster online que. It will come to my door.

"I need a recipe for ______."
Go to Google or

"I need to get some pictures developed."
Go to Winkflash or

"I need postage stamps."
Go to

"I need to find out when our tree in the backyard should be pruned so that it will actually bloom next summer." Go to

"I need an address to send Julian's letter to 'Ask This Old House' to."
Go to

"I need to know what kind of menu to expect at Buca Dibeppo (Italian restaurant) in Brentwood." Go to

"I need ideas for my Sunday School class Jonah craft on Sunday." Go to Google. (Oh man. There's some cool stuff out there for SS teachers. I had no idea.)

"I need a printable calendar to track what days we "do school"." Go to

"I need to print my bank statement." Go to bank website. Looked for a "free money" button but couldn't find one. Will have to keep looking.

"I need to catch up with some friends." Email said friends and check their blogs.

"I vowed last December that I would not wait until December 2006 to do my shopping for Christmas." Oh my. Internet shopping is so much fun!

"J needs another book on firemen. (snort) I dig around in the library files for some new books and request transfers." Go to Nashville Library website and renew other books while I'm there.

Seriously. If I could just find a way to do my grocery shopping online...I'd be a happy camper.

Happy Tuesday.


Mimi said...

Isn't it amazing how much you rely on it?

Sabrina said...

BTW, CS is having a sale this month!!! I have 40% off anything on the site. If you want something, let me know!

Shanna C said...

You know, I think there IS a site to do grocery shopping online...but I can't remember what it is.

Anonymous said...

You knew you'd hear from me on this one whenever I joined the online world from vacation again :)

Have you actually been going to the splash park? Let's meet there!

Florida for Christmas?! Or is that just wishful thinking?

Have you had Julian tested yet? I need to call you and catch up for real.

You missed the best online recipe I hardly use anything else.

How is And have you done or whatever it is?

Buying groceries online looks to be quite a lot more expensive, but it's

Good to be catching up on your life and your blog!