Library Woes

I deserve to have a wing of the new library dedicated in my honor.
Or at least a nice leather chair and ottoman.

My child ripped a page out of a book last month. I confessed and paid to have it replaced. $32. $25 for the actual purchase of the new book and $7 for the "processing fee". Uggh.

But he ripped it and I am a big loud believer in being a responsible person.

As a result, I paid his fee and he's been doing extra chores to "pay me back". Chores he would not ordinarily do.

Yesterday I realized too late that our DVDs (five in all) were due on Thursday. The overdue fine for a DVD is $2 per day. The library here is closed on Friday so I didn'tthink it would be of any use to turn them in on Friday. Apparently, I was wrong. If I had turned them in yesterday, I wouldn't have owed a fine. When I took them in today, I owed $10. Dang.

Did I mention that one of the DVDs got stepped on by son #2 and cracked? I had it renewed for one more week to avoid further fees. At this point, I feel sure they are going to take a nasty mugshot of me and fax it to all local libraries to be hung in the hall of fame for shameful library patrons. Kinda like they hang those FBI Most WANTED posters in the post office.

So, I inquired about the cost of replacing the broken DVD.
You guessed it: $20 for the disk and $7 for processing.

On the way home, I was hit by a bolt of motherly inspiration.


Sure enough, a new copy of the disk that son #2 stepped on can be acquired on ebay for $3 and $4 shipping. Ha! For $7, I will replace the broken disk into the library case and avoid paying the extra $20.

Until next month, of course.

As I tell my husband...I think of it as library "dues". He rolls his eyes.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Oh wow. You won't believe how timely your post it. I just found out this week that I have had a book out since 2003 at the Hville library! It was one I stupidly checked out and loaned to a friend and said friend SWORE she would return it and never did, unbeknownst to me. I don't have the money but I am considering trying to find a copy to replace it also. How do these things happen!!! I can't believe you had to pay all that. That's horrible!