So Now We Wait. Period.

Let's just talk facts.
I am not a patient woman.
I want to be.
But I am not.

Waiting is not my forte'.
It's a downright struggle within me.
Money burns a hole in my pocket.
I scrap the newest photos first.
I rush the people around me.
I usually shop alone.
I like to eat the favorite food the day it comes home from the grocery.
Both my children were born early.
My wedding started 3 minutes early.

It's a lifelong pattern.

Unfortunately we are now stuck in this waiting pattern for test results for Julian from Vanderbilt University. Yes, I know they have this impeccable reputation as the home of many world-class researchers and great doctors but that impecability doesn't seem to carry over to their labs.

The labs move at a snails pace.
And they don't recall phone calls.
And at least one of their techs is incredibly rude.

They seem to "care not" that much of my future (and my sons) is going to be plotted according to what they find in that vial of blood. They have information that I need. Need.


Did I mention how much I hate waiting?


Tasra Dawson said...

Powerful and moving words from the heart of a mother. Thanks for sharing!

Hollye said...

I feel your pain. We were told that Miss K needed some test. Took us a week to get in for the test..two weeks for the test to be done in California. (This is the only test this department does not do in house...go figure.) Then the doctor told us to give him a week once he got the results back. I was a BASKETCASE. The doctor knew I was very upset, so he tracked me down on vacation over Easter weekend to give me the results.

I will say a prayer for you and your family. I hope you get the results soon.

Mimi said...


You have my prayers, as the great Tom Petty once said, "waiting is the hardest part"