2006 Toyota Corolla SE

There's a new set of wheels in the driveway! Well, new-to-us, anyway.

It's a white 06 Toyota Corolla SE with 5025 miles on it. It's a sweet little ride and is perfect for my favorite salesman who's tracking to drive 42,ooo miles this year (down from last year's 53,ooo miles).

The ever increasing price of fuel prompted this move down from the Jeep (although we do still have both Jeeps). The Jeeps are lucky to get 18-20 miles per gallon. The Corolla is reprorted to get 35-40 miles per gallon. This switch could effectively cut his gas bills in half...and let me tell you that's a h-u-g-e difference. We spend more in gas each month than some house payments!

Happy Friday!


scrapbookmom said...

Cute car!!!!

Mimi said...

Congratulations! My brother has a Corolla, and likes it a lot.

Debby said...

Very cute! I'm sure you will come out ahead and save lots in gas money - that will give you some spending money for your cruise!

Anonymous said...

very cute car. (just what J wants to hear, I'm sure.)