Little and Big

I've been enlightened several times by the three year old boy in my house. Seems he's full of good material lately.

I've been noticing lately how he seems to be in that in-between stage. He's certainly not a baby anymore but he's not a child either. He walks and talks like he owns the place sometimes, but he's still very much dependant on me.

Funny thing is even he doesn't seem to be able to decide if he wants to be a "big boy" or remain a "little boy".

It seems he's content to be a little boy when there's some he doesn't particularly want to do, like put the sofa cushions back on the sofa or carry his books from the car to the house. Nevermind that he was perfectly capable of taking the bog sofa cushions off the sofa when he was wanting to pounce on them in the floor and nevermind that he had no problem at all carrying the exact same stack of books to the car when we were leaving.

But announce that his brother is going to cub scouts and suddenly he a "big boy". "I'm big. See." he declares loudly, to anyone who will listen. He throws his arms up in the air and jumps as high as he can, in an effort to proove his bigness.

It's kinda cute.

Let Daddy announce he's going to do the recycling or the carwash and suddenly, he's a big boy wanting to go along and help.

But let me return from grocery shopping with bundles and bags to be unloaded from the car and suddenly, he's whiney and little again.

Let him have a bad dream or wake up in the middle of the night wanting some affection and suddenly his littleness is making me scoot over in my bed and share my covers.

But just a few hours later, he's declaring his bigness in hopes of getting to ride his bike down to the mailbox with his brother. (Like that's gonna happen.)

Back and forth. Little and big. Helpful or not. Never a dull moments...that's for sure.

Happy Wednesday.


Carrie said...

I think the inbetween stages are most of the time too because as soon as they conquer the next thing..they are ready so fast to move on to the next thing...and its why we are always wishing time would slow down! :)Moms...we can pull our hair out and yet we will take the bald head for our kids :)

Carrie said...

p.s. cute scrap room :)

Sofia said...

Some days I wish I could be a kid instead of an adult. Wish is was that easy.

TracieClaiborne said...

Hey Sarah! I just caught up on your blog!

I CANNOT believe how old your baby looks! He is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I love his hair. teehee

Miss you!