Not for 9.75 Percent!! Not even for 10!!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of the first TN Sales Tax School Gear Holiday. In our area, that means a savings of 9.25 to 9.75 percent on school gear and clothing.

People are all excited.

I am so not.

You couldn't pay me to go shopping this weekend. Not for a mere ten percent discount. No way. Not in those crazy crowds.


Tonia said...

I am with you Sarah! We did most of our shopping last weekend. There is no way that I would drag three children to the mall with all the anticipated crowds. Not for 9.25 percent.

Sabrina said...

I agree! Victoria has been in school for 2 weeks, so we already have all of our supplies. She needs a few pair of jeans, but lucky for me Carla is at a consinment sale right now and has her measurments.
We are getting a new computer this weeekend, but Chad is doing that shopping and he will most likely order on line.
I, on the other hand, will be in Ashland City with my girl scout troop.

Leigh Ann said...

Me too...I got Brandon's school supplies last weekend. I had the aisle to myself. And I only spent about $3 on tax.

Hollye said...

I refused to go this weekend to do ANY shopping. I hate crowds. Plus, my child is only a year old. But, I ran out of every form of soap Thusrday night, so if I was going to wash ANYTHING, I had to run to Target. I got there about one was there, so I took my time. HUGE mistake. That place was a nightmare about 11:30ish and they had..count them...TWO lanes open. Talk about poor planning. We did have to run to Babies R Us this afternoon, but it was not crowded at all.