More about the Chair from Saturday

On Saturday evening I posted a photo of a chair hanging on the wall. I posted it because it has a hold on my heart.

Joal and I took the boys on a little day trip up to Bowling Green KY on Saturday. We visited the Shaker Museum in Auburn, KY--a small community about ten miles outside Bowling Green. I have a long-standing fascination with religions in the vein of the Amish, Shakers, Mennonite, and others that embrace simplicity and communal spirit.

What a unique experience. The chair hanging on the wall is the perfect symbol of the way of the "Shakers".

The Shakers embraced a cummunal lifestyle, believing that God was both mother and father. The Shakers were founded by a woman belived to be a prophetess, Ann Lee. They were a self-sufficient people and the photo above is of the school area. Wow. And some people call modern home schooling conservative. :)

More on this in a while. I have to get the boys to bed.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the details on the chair(s). I'm sure my great grandfather knew nothing of this. He lived in a "hollow" in Kentucky, never owned or drove a car and never traveled any further than 5 miles from where he was born and all of that travel was by foot.
I too am fascinated by other religious orders. My father's mother was Quaker and I have a note to self to learn much more about the faith she was raised in
which, I'm sure you know, was similar to the Shakers.