Remember Cassettes

My honey is a musician and
a music collector.
Big time.

One entire closet in our downstairs is *The Music Closet*.
It's where Daddy's music lives.

Until about three weeks ago, the lower shelf was dedicated to music in formats that have passed into techological heaven. Namely VHS tapes and cassettes. Cassettes. Tapes. Remember those? Much of this music is Christian Metal and other odd selections from the late eighties and early nineties that neither of us wants to part with, but it isn't stuff that is readily available at every music store. Vintage specialty music from our collective youth. Yes, that's a sad thought...but I digress.

We no longer own a VCR or a cassette player, so obviously it's time to begin doing something about this small part of the collection that we can no longer access.

We were discussing this "problem" a few weeks ago, when I volunteered to go on ebay and see if any of the tapes could be replaced with CDs. It's an iffy situation...some of it was so obscure to begin with that to be reproduced and still available on CD would be a miracle. But you know what they say about can find anything I started looking.

And got lucky on several items. My non-computer-using husband has even gotten into the game of hunting music on ebay and old artist sites and let's just say he's been highly motivated to learn the ins and outs of ebay and paypal and the internet since he realized there were musical implications. :)

So today one of the CDs-to-replace-an-old-tape arrived in the mail. Kenny Marks' 1989 recording--"Another Friday Night". This album was one of my favorites way back in 1989 and listening to it today was the coolest experience! I am so glad he bought it.

Funny how I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday...but I clearly remember every lyric from this album in 1989!!!


TracieClaiborne said...

You don't own a cassette player? Woman - buy yourself a boom box! I have too many cassettes to replace. I have to have a way to listen to them.

They just don't make music like they used to, do they? I recently got the Imperials cd's from the 80's on dvd because I only had RECORDS! How old am I?

Maureen said...

And then CDs will be a thing of the past as everyone downloads MP3s...

I still have lots of vinyl; a friend even still has 8 tracks! Okay, so I'm old .....

Tonia said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in remembering lyrics from the 80's. We will turn on the 80's station and sing along with all the songs (even those that we thought we didn't like back when). But send me to the grocery store without a list and I am so lost. I'm assuming that my "memory card" is near capacity with the lyrics and cannot hold anything else.

carrie said...

O yea...gotta love the music from the 80's....I can always remember lyrics. My kids think I am out of my mind wacky at some of the songs that I know on the radio :)

Mimi said...

Ooooh, rediscovering old tapes is great! My tape player in my car won't eject anymore, so I can't play tapes at all anymore (but I can hear my Russian tape again and again and again...)

Anonymous said...

Man, was that a great tape!! You HAVE to play it our next scrap night. My roommate and I used to listen to it over and over in college. :)