Some love for SEI and slowing down...

I think SEI is one of the most unique, innovative scrap companies out there. They are always doing something a little edgy. When cute was dominating, SEI was doing stripes and circles, and the SEI color choices have always been non-traditional and cool. Today I was looking at the SEI website and I noticed the sale page, where they are clearancing quite a few of their older items. Funny how looking at older paper is so sentimental to me. Check it out here.

The very first SEI paper I ever saw in person was the striped vellum pictured above. I still love this paper!

One of the things I adore about scrapbooking is the speedy proliferation of new and exciting products. There's quite literally *always* something new coming out. Unfortunately, the flip side of that is the incredible speed at which what is new becomes out-of-date and old news. This market moves at an incredible pace. Sometimes I think it moves a little too fast. We could slow down and enjoy stuff a little longer. I am trying.

If I could have one wish, I would wish that some of the powers-that-be in the scrap community would really take on this "new-to-old-in-60-seconds" problems. I wish that magazine editors would see the value of "vintage" and manufacturers would slow down with the flush of new stuff and focus on supporting (really supporting) what is already available. It's going to take a concerted effort. If one cog in the consumer-LSS-magazine-manufacturer wheel doesn't fully get on board, we'll be stuck in this whirlwind of new until the market breaks. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy new as much as any scrapbooker. I just happen to think there is a limit to what the market will stand for. Many of the scrapbookers I know already have a brutal case of product-ADD. I'm not sure how much frustration we can stand.

If you still love the older SEI styles, they are being offered at serious savings on the SEI site.

Happy Friday! again!


Jill said...

It never occured to me to be sentimental about old scrapbook papers, but when I clicked your link I did have that "AAWWWWW! I scrapped my son's sixth bday party w/that paper!" feeling. :-) (pea Jill_Ilene)

Hollye said...
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Mimi said...

So um, what did you buy?

It amazes me as well how fast things move, I was looking through a 2004 CK, and thinking about how the products were so cutting edge then, and now are stale.