QVC Rant: How do they get away with such cheesiness?


What an odd collection of cheesiness and salesmanship and quirky personality...I recorded 16 hours of the "Scrapbooking Faire" on QVC Tuesday to watch (and mostly fast forward thru) just for the scrapbook pages and projects. I bought the Quickutz set for the font (love the font, btw) and I've sold off the other items (that's another post)--the parts I didn't want. Last night I couldn't sleep so I turned on some of the QVC segments...oh my goodness. Can you say "cheese-o-rama"?

I have a low tolerance for insincerity and hollow salesmanship and boy, I met my limit really fast. Does Donna Downey really think that Sticky String is "hot, cutting edge" and "a must-have"? Does David Venible really scrapbook? When was the last time Lisa Bearnson used one of the stickers in the package of 34,000? Somehow, it just doesn't feel sincere. I'm sorry...that Making Memories Magnetic Stamp set is not "new and exciting". I understand that not everyone has a Michael's (even they've been selling the MM Mag Stamp Sets for what...2 years?) but let's not lie and say it's a new, breakthrough product. Oh and stop the presses. Slick Writers don't smere on glossy paper! Imagine that!

And someone should really tell David Venable that "Simple Scrapbooking" does not mean "beginner"! Please! Lisa...honey, you are standing right next to the man. As the parent of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine...why not get him a clue? I totally don't get this.

My other complaint is when the hosts or guests try to say something good about the product, and in the process slam the local scrapbook stores. "This set of 4 bajillion is a way better price that at my LSS." Sorry. That really really bugs me. Lisa Bearnson, of all people in this industry, should know better.

Couldn't you just say "Wow! This set is a great deal!" or "This is an excellent price for 4 bajillion stickers."

Yes, it may be a better "deal" if you actually use the 4 bajillion sticker. On the other hand, if you only use three out of the big collection--three that you could have purchased individually and without shipping from your LSS--you've really wastefully overspent. Who really uses 200 Wild Asparagus frames? I love WA...but 200?

The QK was a "deal". I knew when I bought it that I wouldn't keep all of it. I ordered online without watching the sales schpeel. I am so glad.

Scrapbooking is everywhere...that is for sure. Even with cheesiness on QVC!


Mattie Moo's Mom said...

On the other hand I appreciate the upbeat cheerfulness they provide. In my job I hear about everyone's problems and why nothing is going right in their lives. When I come home at lunch, the babysitter is watching whatever court show is on at the moment. So to have voices that are happy and interested in solving problems rather than bemoaning them is respite for me. I also often keep it on because I don't want my infant son to hear too much anger or agitation or foul language. QVC NEVER has this.

I agree that they could lighten up on the LSS slaming, but again, they are trying to make their products appear attractive. Often if you check the price after shipping the LSS has just a good of a deal if not better. But others are not blessed as we are in this area and would have to drive many miles to get to an LSS.

On to David V... I love him, but there is that naughty part of me who wants to see just who is the subject of his "All About You" album. I noticed Lisa is not too qucik to share that with the national audience! Send him an e-mail about the SS issue. He might be glad to know!

Sarah said...

Well, MMM, I'll forgive you for raining on my rant just this once. :) (joke) You are right of course. Thanks for the perspective.

Maureen said...

I have only ever caught a few minutes of a QVC SB show...and that was more than enough for me. You are exactly right when you say one could really, never use all the stuff they throw together in a package. One of the best things we love about our LSS is that they break open packages of nearly everything so we can pick and choose exactly what we want to buy / use....without any markup!

Tonia said...

Well said Sarah! My tolerance for these over-hyped sales pitches is very low. I have fell victim in the past to LB telling me that I needed a certain "1,000,000 piece" scrapbook kit only to end up giving it away months later. Also, shopping on QVC for some items is similar to the Costco/Sam's Club experience. 1,000 pieces of "item x" seems like a good idea at the time but not so good when reality hits.

Carla said...

I have to agree with Sarah! I actually have the QVC channel bloacked out on my tv so I don't even flip through it. I think a lot of their shows have a huge chesse factor to them. Plus, it's easy to just get sucked in. This from a shopping addict!