Summer Smiles!

The pool may be on it's last leg (this is it's third summer of service) but I think the boys would find happiness in water even if it were held in a paper bag! :)

I so love water pictures.

The one in the middle makes me laugh. When J was really little, we went to a museum in Mississippi. In the courtyard of the museum was a concrete statue that was spewing water into the fountain below. J got a huge kick out of it at the time and he's always remembered the statue. Since then, everytime we go swimming (and sometimes in the bath tub), he always says "Look, Mom, I'm the statue." Then he takes a big gulp of water in his mouth and spews it.

I've complained a little (that water is terribly unfit for consumption) but it makes no difference. He thinks this trick is hilarious so on this small thing I let him win and try not to think of the germs in pool water.

Such is the life of mommy-hood. Finding a balance between enjoying life and managing risky behavior. :)

In other news, Joal and I watched Glory Road last night. It's an awesome movie. Definately a flick for adults, although I don't recall any cursing. The topic and story are just intense and there is some fighting and vandalism. It's the store of a real basketball team from Texas--the first NCAA team to field black basketball players. Kentucky fans (who are generally in need of a dose of humilty anyway) will hang their heads. This was a sad reflection on Kentucky basketball legends...but the triumph of Texas Western was righteous and the movie was really good. If you like Remember the Titans, (which I did) you'll like Glory Road. (Only no Denzel.)

Two observations:

First, the cheerleader outfits were so funny-looking. Loooong skirts. There was no skimpiness there. LOL! They were practically poodle skirts.

Second, I wish the lead character had been played by Matthew McConnaughey. I think he could have done a better job...and he's a Texas boy.

Happy Monday!

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