Tags Need a New Home

Anybody want some tags? Metal-rimmed, white, vellum and colors, all sizes and many shapes...

Speak if you would like a bag o' tags.

I'll send them your way.

Email me your mailing address scrappinsarah at msn dot com.

In other news, a special thank you to everyone who has wished Julian and Joal well lately.

Joal is healing nicely. Sore but not too bad.

Julian's appointment with the new pediatrician went really well. He is going to have the genetic test we have been considering and in the meantime, we'll be making some other lifestyle changes in an effort to help him. I can't tell you how much relief I find in having the fresh eyes of a new and very caring pediatrician come to similar conclusions as I have. In the past ten years of taking him to various doctors, I have never once felt that *all* my questions and concerns had been completely satisfied before leaving the doctor's office. That is until this visit to this new pediatrician. What a different experience!

Happy Tuesday!


Michelle said...

We've been very fortunate with our doctor, which I am very thankful for. Glad you've found someone you feel comfortable with :)

ps - I emailed you about the tags.

Shanna C said...

I'm delighted that God has provided a doctor who knows how to help Julian. While we don't understand why it took this long for you to find this particular doctor, we can always know that it fell within God's good timing...

I emailed you, too, about the tags.


Mimi said...

Thanks be to God for a good doctor visit! Lovely to hear.

Leigh Ann said...

I'm so glad you found a caring doctor and I hope that Julian will thrive under his/her care.

Sarah said...

Michelle and Shanna, I mailed you both a bag o' tags. Enjoy!

Debby, I'll bring you one on Friday.

There are 2 bags left.

Shanna C said...

Thank you! I'll be looking forward to this gift!

Michelle said...

Yes, thanks! So generous and nice of you :)