Memory Book Inspirations/Quickutz

If you feel a little intimidated by 2Peas, there's a nice little gallery/board that I frequent that moves slower and is less intimidating at It's a nice casual place with some friendly participants. Check it out!

Happy Birthday Quickutz! You sure are big for a 5 year old! Hehe.

I came late to the QK game after years of resistance. I guess resistance really is futile, huh. :) I have done enough product demonstrations in this business to know that if you get someone to actually *use* a product themselves and achieve something they think of as *remarkable*, you will sell them. Maybe not today...but they will be sold. I know this...and it still worked on me. I first used a QK at Croptoberfest last year and while it was a cool thing, I thought it was too expensive for me. Then Leigh Ann loaned me hers on occasion at scrap night and I started browsing their website for ideas. Then I ran across a pea who wanted to sell her gently used one to upgrade and she offered me a deal. It was too good to pass up. I am completely happy.

I have a nice little collection of dies multiplying in my little stash. I am starting a list of which friends have which dies. :) I have bought dies locally, from ebay and from other scrappers who are upgrading to a Wishblade or other electronic gear.

I have used them on every layout and card for several weeks now. I am feeling snappier about scrapbooking with a new thing than I have in a long time. I call it "new tool euphoria". :) I used Studio Classic and Sunshine at my LSS. I would like to eventually own Studio Classic. I used Sabrina's Frankie SkinniMini and it's definately on the list. I really like that size! Stilletto is funky. I kinda like it but will probably continue to use it at the store for a while before I buy it. The QK team did some fantastic stuff with Metro...I think I'm going to want that one too.

The peas are giving QK a hard time today, but I am a woman in love. Metro is really cool. It's going on my list and I'll be watching for other releases this month...

In other news, if you have a chance and are of a mind to, please pray for Joal and Julian. Yesterday, at our friend Debby's, Joal-in his enthusiasm for being a great Daddy- forgot apparently that he's 6' 4" and weighs significantly more than a three year old! There was a slip n slide, a slight hill, and plenty of water...perfect for a three year old to run and leap and slide and stop at the end...but not-so-perfect for a fully grown man. In an effort to encourage his son to slip n slide, Joal proceeded to demonstrate what not to do as he slid and slid and rolled and came to a stop with a moan. He ended up with a badly sprained shoulder that put a damper on the rest of his day and probably the next few weeks. On top of hurting, he feels pretty dumb. Poor guy. He said he knew by about the fourth step that this was a dumb thing to do but there just was no stopping. Momentum is a powerful force. :)

Julian's going to the new doctor tomorrow for a complete physical and most likely, a genetic work-up. We have concerns that weren't being addressed and hopefully this will be a more determinded step in helping Julian grow and get in step developmentally.

Happy Wednesday!!


Shanna C said...

Praying for both your J's today! It's tough for the big guy in the house to suffer with aches and pains...I should know, my hubby has regular back problems, both cervical and lumbar.

Also remembering Andy today. Is he still at Fort Sill? I need to write him this week.

Mimi said...

Ouch, I hope he feels better soon.

I have resisted the QK myself, but (and there is always a but, isn't there) someone has just offered me their old tool after upgrading. So, I'm about to embark on the QK thing myself - I need an alphabet - which one would you recommend?

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh Sarah!!! That is so awful about Joal! I just saw a layout by a Pea yesterday that had a layout where her hubby was on a Slip-n-Slide. I left her a comment in the Peanut Praise that my sister saw on the news that a man broke his neck on a Slip and Slide and they are very dangerous for adults. Unfortunately, your dh had to learn the hard way!

I'll say a prayer for his pain.

Leigh Ann said...

So glad you are enjoying your QK! Anytime you want to borrow my binder for a few days, let me know and I'll drop it by. I caved and ordered the pink squeeze and Moxie font. I shouldn't have but it was such a good deal. I should never have played with the squeeze, but it's been almost a year. So I will be looking to sell my blue tool, too. Let me know if you know anyone who might be interested. Otherwise I'll use ebay. Hope Joal feels better soon.