George Canyon

Nashville has missed the mark on George Canyon, but fortunately, Canadian Country music fans know a great thing when they hear it...and they have had the good sense to reward this man with a remarkable career.

The runner up in the
Nashville Star competition two rounds ago has just released his second project for Universal Records, this time with Universal Canada. I checked 4 major record stores in the alleged Country Music Capital of the World and *none* had George Canyon's newest release on the day of it's release, July 4. Sad. Because you don't get any more country than this disk. Joal actually had to order it off the GC website. It arrived yesterday (autographed and everything) and I am loving it!

It's real and rockin' and country and sentimental and the man can spin a phrase! It's a good country record--a record of substance in a time when thoughtless brainless country seems to be the norm.

It has been said that the sophomore project of any new artist determines the rest of the artists career. If that's the case, I have no doubts that George Canyon will be in this for the long haul. This sophomore project is remarkable. It's personal. It's expressive. It's honest.

Oh yeah. It's also slammed with plenty of scrap-worthy lyrics. :)

Happy Saturday!!

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