MFR= Most Favorite Restaurant!

It's unfortunate really.
Whenever I choose a Most Favorite Restaurant, it invaribly closes.
Not a gift, I tell ya.
I've "closed" 3 good restaurants in as many years, simply by declaring their wonderfulness.

So with great hesitation, I am fulfilling the 2Peas writing challenge for the day.
My most favorite restaurant is McAlister's Deli. Perhaps since they are a chain from Mississippi, they will be immune from the curse. Here's hoping. They have the best tea!

Tea and Chicken Ceasar Salad

That's my favorite meal!

I have a most favored local restaurant...but I'm not telling anyone about it. I like it too much.

Happy Sunday!


smkh1117 said...

You poor thing! If my favorite restaurant closed I would cry!

Mimi said...

My best wishes to the McAlister Deli!

Sounds yummy.