Sketchbook Update

I finally updated my sketchbook. Months ago I found a snappy business card folio at Target. It was plain with a magnetic closure. I really liked it but it needed something. Ribbon.

Finally, tonight I decided to work on it. Added my favorite brown ribbon from Textile Fabrics. The top photo is of the outside.

The lower photo is of the inside front cover and the front sheet of sketches. Luckily, Joal recently got a promotion that necessitated new business cards, so I am the happy owner of 3 boxes of old business cards perfect for my sketching. Recycling...gotta love it.

I'm also working on a way to print layouts from my 2Peas Book of Scraps straight onto business cards. The time and ink that would save would be amazing...not to mention really cool. I might have to use a separate book for those...there's not much room left in my sketch book.

Sketching is like making a plan or reading a map. It gives me a goal and points me in the right direction. Sketches can come from anywhere...signs, wallpaper borders, junk mail, websites, nature, etc. Sometimes a sketch is just an element of something that seems useful, or sometimes a whole page layout.

In other news, the new banner at the top of the blog is in honor of our upcoming trip to Fort Walton Beach. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. The beach is my place of deep living. It speaks to my soul. It makes me feel smaller and more creative than any other place on earth. The ocean is a powerful force that both confronts and soothes. Saltwater and sand...blues and greens...sunrises and sunsets...elation and serinity. Fo me, the beach has it all.

Along about May of every year, I start to get a longing in the pit of my stomach and it doesn't subside until November. There is no other place that does this to me. I can barely explain it but boy do I feel it deeply. A few weeks ago, Joal announced that he has a training to do in Fort Walton...and asked if the boys and I wanted to come along for the weekend before. He had to ask...I started packing that very day. LOL! I'm not sure I'm truly brave enough to take the boys to the beach alone (Joal will be training during the day) but I'm going to anyway. There's a fine line between brave and insane. For a trip to the beach, I'll walk that line.

So, now you know. :)

One last thing...the gallery at 2Peas has been on fire lately with great stuff. This layout by kokopuffs really made my day! Enjoy!

Happy Thursday.


Sofia said...

Gorgeous sketchbook! :-)

Shanna C said...

Love the colors of your sketchbook; admire you for being able to sketch. Me? I'm no artist. I look at other people's sketches and borrow from them.

I'm with you on the beach. Missed not going this year. It's very restorative. I could sit and watch the waves forever and listen to the crashing all night long. Maybe next year...

Mimi said...

What a great idea!

TracieClaiborne said...

Okay I have a little confession to make. I saw the word sketchbook on your blog before the pic came up and my heart skipped a little beat. I LOVE sketches and sketchbooks are even better. I love yours! It reminds me of Becky Higgins' - I think she uses business cards or maybe it's post-its.

You and I are very different yet very much the same sometimes. :)

Michele said...

too cool! I love it!

scrapDoti said...

I love your item - just threw out my old business card holder when i moved - rats