The Trolley!

We rode the Franklin Trolley today! To the boys, trolleys rank up there with school buses and 18-wheelers. A while back a friend was telling me about the trolleys that run around Franklin. She and her small daughter live in Franklin and enjoy riding the trolley from a stop near their house, over to Wal-Mart and home for the grand price of a dollar. With ever increasing gas prices, that's a great deal. That got me to thinking that we could make a fun day excursion out of a trolley adventure.

That was the best entertainment the boys and I have had for $1.50 in a really long time. We got on at The Factory at Franklin (after a nice browse thru one of the most creative places aroundand a tiny bit of shopping at Creation Station for scrapbook stuff) and rode the whole tour. It took about 75 minutes and the boys thought it was incredible. At one point G looked at me and said "Can we do 'gin tomorrow?" This was (I think) his first experience with riding in a moving vehicle without the restraint of his carseat. I think he's a fan.

We all are actually.

Ding Ding!


Debby said...

That's so cool! I didn't have any idea there was a trolley in Franklin. Where all did it go? I need to keep that in mind for when I have visitors in from out of town, as well as a possible idea of something to do with the boys. I guess I should clarify, does it run on weekends? Where do you get info on times and stops? Thanks for sharing - great thing to know!

Sarah said...

You can learn more at

For clarity, it's not an actual trolley. It's a small bus, painted and equiped like a trolley.

You know we are kinda easy to impress.

TracieClaiborne said...

The main question it air conditioned? ha!

I forgot about the trolley in Franklin. I remember them telling about it on the news one year. Thanks for the reminder! I love that area anyway. Love the Factory too. I have so many things to do this Summer I can't fit them all in!

Sarah said...

Yes! The Trolley is air-conditioned. It was a nice comfortable ride, in fact.