Betcha Didn't Know...

Betcha Didn't Know that one medium-sized container of baby powder is enough to completely cover a large bathroom, living room and kitchen.

And one almost-three-year-old boy who thinks he's having some serious fun.

Betcha didn't know that it's almost impossible to vacuum baby powder. It just makes plumes and then re-settles.

Betcha didn't know that it's nearly impossible to wipe baby powder off any hard surface with a damp cloth. It's become a paste-like schmere.

Betcha didn't know that after breathing in too much baby powder, it begins to stink. Even if you used to love the smell.

Betcha didn't know that even if you do manage to coerce most of the baby powder piles out of the navy blue'll still have footprints forever.

Word to the wise.
When the baby can lift the baby powder, get rid of it f-a-s-t.
The powder, I mean.
Or else the decision to keep it will be one you come to regret in a dusty, white-covered way.

Not that I would know, of course.


Stephanie said...

Priceless! I hope you took pictures!

Bonzairn said...

That's not funny - but as a fellow mom I know the feeling. There are many other items you would never think could be weapons of mass destruction in your home as well.... I learned the hard way too....

ingrid said...

Aw, LOL! Sounds like you were at least able to maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

So, that's what you were doing all day! Wondered why you didn't blog on Tuesday.