That's Why They Call Me the Moma

See this? This is a major acquisition in the world of my almost-ten year old. And I, the Moma, scored it.

For a buck.

On Ebay.

Do you know how happy this is going to make him?? Julian has collected Rescue Heroes since well before the RH clan was sold to Fisher Price. He has every single hero and we all know them by name. When he has a few moments of organized thought, he arranges them in troop formation in his room. It's a sight to behold!

For a while, when you purchased a guy, (or girl) you got a short video to go with it. We wore the tape on 4 videos completely raw. The shows (2 eps per tape) were short, had a lesson and very action-oriented. This is perhaps the best children's show ever written, beyond Veggie Tales and maybe Theodore the Tugboat.

A couple years after we startedbuying guys, the company switched from video to DVD. We've purchased a few extra guys "for G" just so we could have the DVD.

I even have a few pages in the scrapbooks about "the guys".

One day in the grocery, I spotted a DVD m-o-v-i-e. It was $20 and I never impulse $20 at the grocery...but let me tell you...I did that day. We take "the guys" very seriously!

That disk got played and played with until it got so scratched up that it would not play anymore. It was played so often that we all know every line...and still love it.

So, a few days ago J found the cover ofthe deceased copy of the movie in the toy bin and was lamentingthe loss of the I had a thought.


Sure enough. There it was. For a buck!

I haven't told him yet. I'm going to wait until it arrives and I've had a chance to make sure it plays OK before I show him. He's going to be thrilled! I can't wait.

In other simply have to check out my friend Nancy Rose's blog. She has been doing some excellent work-- am especially drawn to her wedding book created using Basic Grey's Black Tie line. I think if more peole had seen this demonstration of use for Black Tie...they wouldn't be discontinuing the line. It's that excellent! It made me "see the light" about Black Tie. Now I'm gonna have to try to find some.

I got word today from the fab Shelby Dredge at Embellish Online that I am going to be working in her booth at the CK Convention at Opryland in April (which just happens to fall on my birthday!!) Shelby and her husband own a company called Embellish It and they sell Bazzill by the ton and Basic Grey products, among other things. I worked with them last year and had a great time. One can't help but have fun in a booth full of Bazzill and BG, right!!

Sonic's calling my name...I think I'm going to get a Diet Cherry Sprite to calm my somewhat frayed nerves from today. Sometimes my favorite second grader can be a huge challenge to my inner calm.

Happy Wednesday!!

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TracieClaiborne said...

That is so awesome about that movie! $1? Wow!!!

Can't wait for the CK convention. Sounds fun!