Must be doin' som'thin' right...

Sorry about the cheesy use of song titles lately...can't help it.

Funny thing just happened while we were doing some school work...made me laugh out loud.

Ju and I were conducting our daily back-and-forth talk thru the children's catechism and G was sitting in my lap. This is pretty SOP for school for us, so G has picked up quite a bit just by observing. Today as we were discussing the catechism q-and-a, G knew all the answers of the first 4 questions ans was able to say them right along with Ju.

Q1 Who made you?
A God

Q2 What else did God make?
A God made all things.

Q3 Why did God make you and all things?
A For his own glory.

Q4 How can you glorify God?
A By loving him and doing what he commands.

Ju and I continued on...until Q10.

Q10 is "Where is God?"
The answer is "God is everywhere."
But G piped up and said "I don't know."


Then we get down to Q14--our new one for this time, Q14 is "Where do you learn how to love and obey God?"

The answer is "In the Bible alone."

Being the first time we've done Q14 Ju didn't know the official answer and I didn't give it to him immediately. I wondered what he would say.

His answer: "School"

Some days are good...

PS If you love wonderful creative layouts, you must see this one!! It's very likely the most excellent thing I have seen in a while. It's made set down the Diet Dr Pepper and lean in close to the screen to see every detail! Don't miss it. Does anyone know who ADJ is??

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TracieClaiborne said...

I'm just happy that you can teach your children about God in school. They sure don't learn about Him in public school!

That layout you linked us to rocks!!!! Did you look at the rest of her gallery? It also rocks! ADJ...hmmm...I don't think it's anyone we know b/c she said she wants to be published.

See ya!