Gently Used Children's Books Needed

Does anyone know where I can find some low-cost gently-used children's books?

For a few months I have been helping out as the parent-volunteer in G's sunday school class. It's probably the most fun hour-and-a-half of my week! G and his pals are 2.5 to 3 years old and all learning to talk and color and sign and be a tiny bit independent...and they are adorable. Myself and the teacher (Mr. Doug) and sometimes one other parent volunteer have about 12-15 little ones for about an hour. G has a great time and has learned a great deal lately. Since he doesn't say the "S" sound yet, G refers to it as "wunny wool". (Sunny School)

I've learned quite a bit from watching our little guys. Yesterday I spent several minutes trying to figure out what one of my little boys was sayingthe name of his dog sounded like Zsa Zsa (as in Gabor?) when he said it...but I finally realized it was Sasha. We were discussing pets...he was happy when I finally figured out what he was saying.

I think G is fascinated with a little girl named Kate. She always wears pretty little dresses and she's very girlie. I don't think he gets it. But he likes to look at her shiney shoes and touch her hairbow.

Our church is famous for having many large families and while I love that about it, it also means that we are always short on help in the nursury and preschool wings. There are more kids than available parents! It's a great but challenging problem to have.

Yesterday I was noticing how worn our book collection is looking. Tattered is the word. Some of them really need to be retired as they have long ago outlived their usefulness. While I would love to run over to Books a Million and spend a few hundred dollars on all new book, that's not exactly feesible right now. Darn it. That's something I would have to plan for and we need books pronto. So, now I am on the hunt for a source for low-cost, new or used books.

I've sent a note to the other parents in hopes that they will help out. Even one or two books from each family will make a huge dent in the problem, but like I said, most of our families have several children and may or may not be able to contribute right away. I would love to find a source of my own. It's still too cold for garage sales here. When spring hits, I'm sure that will be a good source. Ideas??

Thanks and happy Monday.


Leigh Ann said...

Mega Used Book Store on 8th Avenue downtown is a good place to try. Working for a publisher, we occasionally get free books here at the office. If I see any children's books I will keep you in mind.

Sabrina said...

Victoria's school is having a book drive fundraiser. Right now they are collecing books through mid Feb, then they put them on sale. I believe that hardbacks are .50 and paper are .25. I can let you know the exact sale dates later. We donate a ton and buy a bunch.

Debby said...

You might try I don't know how much they have in the way of children's books, but you should be able to browse as well as look for something particular by author or title. I know they sell used books for usually cheaper than new ones. I've bought adult books for $2 and less. I know there is shipping involved, but if you can find as many as you can from one seller (which will take a little time and searching) that would cut back some on the shipping cost. Just a thought!

TracieClaiborne said...

We have some in that age range we need to get rid of. I've been sick but I'll try to get the energy to get them together for ya.