Hello from the Gulf of Mexico

Just a quick note to say hello from the beautiful calm sunny perfectly blissful Gulf of Mexico, 428 land miles off Galveston, TX!! Girls, I have found the lap of luxury!! I forgot my USB cord so photos will have to wait til we get home...but oh wow! This is going to be so much fun to scrap!!

Today we are "at sea"...meaning laying on a chaise on the upper deck, catching rays and watching people. It's breezy and sunny and completely beautiful. We are having a blast...I got my Diet Coke with an umbrella and of course, forgot to take a photo so I may have to get another.

Our Captain is Norwegian and he makes a PA report at noon and six...he has a beautiful accent and quite a sense of humor. I am hoping we get to meet him this evening.

That's all for now. Wish ya'll were here...really I, Deb, Leigh Ann, Sabrina, Carla, Debby, Heather, Julie, Julie, Anita, Stephanie, Tracie, TIffany,...of goodness, everyone! We *need* a scrap-cruise.

Happy Day...because I can't remember what day it is...:)


Debby said...

So good to hear through your writing that you have relaxed and are having a super time already! So glad the weather is good for you too. Have an absolutely fantabulous time! God bless till you return!

TracieClaiborne said...

Awww - have fun girlie! Live it up for me 'cause on my budget, a cruise isn't gonna happen anytime soon. LOL! Take lots of pics!

t.hatcher said...

Okay, I'm super jealous. I know you're having an awesome time. I think a cruise sounds fun, but I've always been a little wary of them. Somehow I can only picture gray haired old ladies with white purses on them, LOL! Enjoy that weather; we've had a couple of warm days here, but it's definitely still winter at night, kwim? Can't wait to see all your great pics when you come back. Be sure to post some for us. :)


Stephanie said...

Sounds glorious! I can't help but be envious! Can't wait to see your pictures!