Baby, If You're Good to Go...We'll Go Down to Mexico!!

With gratitude to Toby Keith for the use of his song, I am counting the days until our cruise.

Can you hear me humming..."baby, if you're good to go, we'll go down to Mexico, get a place in Cabo, and kick back in the sand..."

It's thirty-something degrees here and my hands have been cold for days. My back yard is a mudslide and everytime the boys step out into it, they suddenly get covered with brown mud. (Funny. It's almost like a magnetic thing.)

Cloudy, rainy. Cold.

I can't wait to sprawl on the beach behind a pair of shades and watch the waves roll in. I can't wait to taste the sea and hear the spray. I'm just going to sit there and do nothing.

That's right. Not a stinking thing.

There will no floor to vacuum.
There will be no meals to fix and clean up after.
There will be no laundry.
There will be no second grade school work to plan and execute.
There will be no little boys in my care. Just a wonderful man to be with.
There will be no library fines.
There will be no recycling to do.
There will be no shopping...wait. Nix that. There will be shopping...just not grocery shopping.
There will be no phones, no work, no scrapbooking, no neighbors, no neighbor's pets.

I will sit and enjoy the nothingness. The blue sky and the sand between my toes. I will not whine or be whined at. I will listen quietly to the waves rolling in and I will not say "shhhh" to anyone. I will admire the place I love--the beach--for it's nearness to God and for it's blissful serenity.

I have a million things to do between now and then and about a thousand miles to drive, but it will be worth every step and every mile, for a day on the beach in Cozumel and three days on a magnificent boat.

Somebody tell my baby I am "good to go...".

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