Creativity vs Creepy

A new magazine called to me from the magazine rack at my favorite grocery a few nights ago. It's called Paper Made Easy. I browsed thru it and one of the things that jumped out at me was an article called "What's in Store?". The author goes to a certain non-sb store and picks out a bunch of non-sb products that she and her designers then attempt to morph the non-sb embellishments into creative genius. It's a great idea for an article series, even tho it has been done by just about every other scrapping and craft mag around. I'm all for creativity being challenged, but this card kinda creeped me out.

Yes. Those sunflower leaves are really fake fingernails.


In other news, I am the happy-as-a-clam new owner of a Quickutz die cutting tool. I've been slowly won-over by my friend Leigh Ann about the handiness of said tool, so when a fellow pea decided to upgrade to the pink handle and offered to sell me her old blue one at a huge discount, I couldn't resist!! Since I have no plans to obsessively collect dies and alphabets, I couldn't see paying so much for one tool...but, at a discount...I'm there.

So far, I have one die. The photo turns. It's cool to be able to cut photo turns like that. Very cool. I am hoping to find some of the tag dies locally. Those are cool too.

I think the QK is the punch of the new era. It's sleeker, weighs less than a bunch of punches and eventually costs less. Remember when people collected punches by the truckload? I do. I was one.

Lastly, I found this photo of one of the beaches in Cozumel.

Can I just say...


This is going to be really amazing.

Happy Thursday!

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