2Peas Challenge: 10 Things that Bug Me

The 2Peas challenge today is to list 10 things that bug me.

1. sloppy handwriting
2. an unvacuumed floor
3. uncomfortable shoes
4. putting on a pair of jeans that are still slightly damp
5. unsweetened tea...that should be a criminal offense!
6. that my printer is smart enough to know when I am using store-brand ink cartridges and tells me it's not smart.
7. boys who fart and then laugh about it (I have 2!)
8. overpriced concessions at the movies
9. AOL
10. people who look at my son and only see his differences

and one more because it's my list:

11. the fact that sugar-free chocolate has a chemical in it that creates intestinal distress. Shouldn't the fact that I have to eat (mostly) sugar-free chocolate be punishment enough???


SuzieG said...

Great list!
(you wouldn't want to see my carpt this past week though! now have new hoover though so all is well!)

Gillian Greding said...

I'm with you on the unvacuumed floor. I have navy blue carpet and it is just a nightmare if I don't vacuum it EVERY day.

Heather said...

Experienced #4 this morning...:op Great list! :) ~Heather

Sarah said...

Hey Gillian. I have navy carpet too. The former owners picked it...I can't wait to be rid of it.

BonnieRose said...

I agree with the chocolate thing.. totally.

Anonymous said...

how about the gunk that stops up the lotion bottle.