I spent much of today in the Jeep...visiting 4 inde stamp/scrap stores and 4 craft chain stores. It was totally awesome!

The great thing about Clarksville (besides Fort Campbell) is that all the scrap and stamp spots are in a line and easy to get to.

My first stop was at Stamp Boo-Tique in Clarksville. Owner Boo Martin has what shall be known as "the coolest little basement in Clarksville"! Seriously, her basement store and playroom for scrappers and stampers is packed with goodies. Who knew that such fun could be had in a quiet neighborhood basement? I am a huge fan of cottage industries and this is why. I love people who don't let anything get in the way of their dreams. And clearly...Stamp Boo-Tique is a business born of love and passion for paper arts. I forgot to take a photo but will be posting directions to Stamp Boo-tique on The Scrapbook Channel's Scrapbook Stores in Mid-TN page.

My next stop was Memories in Bloom. Georgie and the ladies at MiB are really cool. The store is well-stocked...let me say that again...really well-stocked and I could have stayed a great deal longer than I did...and spent a ton more too. As it is, I took advantage of the everyday special--30% off the Quickuts stuff (with a few exceptions)--I picked up a Komfy Kutz cushion and 2 new dies. It ocurred to me today that QK is similar to punches, only less expensive and less likely to break. I really like that. (At one time I collected punches...and owned over 200.)

Another special thing I noticed about MiB is the sample pages. Samples are a very big deal to me...they are the mark of a great store in my opinion. Samples are displayed attractively throughout MiB. Each layout is labelled with the name of the designer and the products used. How much more can you ask for? Excellent work on display...Click HERE to see a larger photo of Memories in Bloom.

My next stop was Scraplanet. Unfortunately, they are closed on Mondays. One would think I would have thought to consult my own website for hours...but I goofed. Guess that means I'll have to go back soon to catch up with Stefanie and visit Scraplanet.

Clarksville is fortunate to have a Zaxby' of my favorite places for I indulged (but only a kid's meal after my experience with the bathing suit and the mirror this morning...:) ). Love Zaxby's sauce. I could roll around in that's so tasty.

Just down from Z is Hobby Lobby. The usual for HL. Didn't stay long. Didn't buy anything.

It's a little bit of a drive from Clarksville to Greenbriar, so I cranked up the tunes and set the cruise. Had it been a smidge warmer I would've rolled down the windows too! Felt good. Freedom is a beautiful thing!

Scrappuccino was my next stop. Lola always makes me feel right at home. I found one other die for the QK that I couldn't live without and was thrilled to learn that she offers the same 30% discount as MiB. That brings my die count up to 3 new ones today and my total collection to 4. Don't laugh. I'm trying to pace myself and only buy things I know I will use often. Can't wait to play!! Also at Scrappuccino, I found a large selection of 7Gypsies 97% Complete tags...I've never looked closely at those before...I really like them. I'm hoping to use them ASAP. Really cool to find an inexpensive, ready-to-use embellishment that makes the work of scrapbooking easier. Love those.

I'm partial to Scrappuccino because it's the closest scrap store to my house. And because it's a well-stocked, out-of-the-ordinary store. I always enjoy going there.

My next stop was what I refer to as "craft-store-mile" in Rivergate. Seriously...each of the big-3 have a store in Rivergate...JoAnn's, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I was tired by the time I got to JoAnn's...browser the fabric and ribbon/trims. Picked up a piece of fabric and a pattern to whip up a sarong-style swimsuit coverup...since there are none to be found anywhere. Granted, both times I have been shopping for anything water-wear related it's been snowing or sleeting outside...Anyway. It's a very simple project...the pattern says it should take an I'm planning about 4 for me to complete it. LOL! Wish me luck. I haven't sewn on fabric since my senior year in high school.

So, I delivered materials to the other 2 craft stores and blazed a trail back to my side of Nashville. Stopped for just a few minutes at Pier One...saw this egg tree in the window and drooled. It's beautiful...far more beautiful in real life than this photo shows. The colors are very soft and muted with a wash of pearl lustre over the entire thing. These colors just make me happy.

By the time I got home I had driven 170 miles!!

What an adventure!

J and I watched 24 together--something we rarely do. That show is intense. I usually prefer to watch it off the DVR so I can take breaks. It's really good...although Sean Astin creeps me out. Can't explain it.

Home. It's a wonerful thing. Took this photo of our downspout as I was leaving this morning. Thought it looked kinda cool and photo-worthy.

Happy Tuesday!

PS This thread made me so sad. Doesn't everyone know there's more than one way to scrap by now? Why the hostility towards "the other half"?? I'm thinking perhaps someone should write an article on "how to get the most from your magazine, even if the pages shown are not your style". It is possible, ya know??


Debby said...

So glad you had such an incredible day! Wish I could have joined you. If you have any trouble with the cover-up, feel free to give me a call. And just one more comment, I agree with your PS, it was sad. I read just enough to realize you were right. Is it possible that these people are relying too much on someone else for inspiration? Not that I disagree with scraplifting, but if they are "so fed up with it" that they're complaining, maybe they should just use their own imagination and creativity and do what they want?! See you at lunch!

TracieClaiborne said...

Hey you! I love me some scrapbook store shopping too. LOL I have been to all the aforementioned stores except the little stamp one. Very interesting!

I need to make a trip up there myself!

I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Next time, put Scrap It on your list. heehee