Tax Day Nerves

I'm very nervous today.
Today is "tax day" at our house.
(Cue durge music.)

J's taking off early to go sit with our tax accountant while he e-files our 2005 tax return to the United States Government. It usually takes about an hour to plug in all the numbers and come up with our fate. Well, maybe fate is a little strong. ...come up with our sentence.

See J is an inde contractor--which is both a good and bad thing. Good in that we have several extra deductions. Bad in that we pay more than a person who is not an inde contractor. Good in that he has a great deal of freedom by working this way and he's very good at it. Bad in that there's less of a safety net to protect our financial situation.

So, every year "tax day" bring some trepidation to me. I am not against taxation, although I would prefer that the government spent less of my money and spent it far more wisely. I don't mind paying taxes for things like roads, military, fire, police, courts, schools, etc. There are things I do mind my tax dollars paying for--but that's another blog completely.

The thing is...I see the lines on his paycheck every week that indicate how much was taken out of his check to be paid in to his escrow for quarterly taxes. It's a large amount. But fine. It's done. Just please don't tell me that after all those dollars that have already been paid, we still have to pay more. That will really ruin my day. My week.

As Dave says..."It's my money!" Well, technically "our money", but you know what I mean.


A refund would be nice, although I hate the concept of the government accepting "too much" and getting to use it freely. A bill would be very irritating. I'll be satisfied if we get neither (a refund or a bill for more).

One of the interesting facts that we learned...J drove almost 55,ooo miles for work this past year. Yes. You read that right. Fifty five Thousand Miles. When you consider that he still took several weeks off...that's more than a thousand miles a week.

We also tallied the Starbuck expenditures...and I tallied the scrapbooking purchases. We are guilty of some serious enjoyment.

So, happy tax day. I hope.


Michelle W. said...

yes, the starbucks trips definitly is costly. But I think we need it don't we. lol.


t.hatcher said...

Ugh, I feel your pain about taxes. Eric is an ind. contractor too so we have that tax burden to contend with each April. Unfortunately, we aren't really disciplined enough to pay quarterly, so we just sock some money away throughout the year into savings and "hope for the best." My goal is to pay less than last year. Since E. made less and changed companies, I think we might actually reach that goal. End of March if you hear screaming from the BG vicinity, just know the news isn't good. LOL! I just wanted to stop in and say hello since it's been forever since I've seen you. :)


Sarah said...

UPDATE...It took longer than usual to get the tax return prepped by the new guy but in the end, the news was good. We'll be getting a small refund. We are grateful.