You really can find it on ebay!

Ebay. Anyone know what that term means?

I've been doing some work on my closet lately at the prodding of the impending cruise to Mexico. My closet--it's a sad state of affairs these days...and certainly not filled with a cruise-worthy assortment of items.

More like a mommy assortment.

Jeans and casual pants. A few capris. Sweatshirts for warmth on park days. Shrits made to be left untucked and layered. Nothing that needs ironing or hand-washing. Tennis shoes, slides, casual leather pair of black leather heels that Ihaven't even put on since before G was born--meaning they probably don't even fit anymore.

My closet screams "Mommy" at the top of it's lungs!

I have only a few fashion rules:
1--no shirts without collars
2--no belts
3--no horizontal lines
4--white socks only go with jeans and tennis shoes
5--no shirts with writing or designs on the chest
6--no sandals

Beyond that I'm all Mommy.

So, imagine my delight/surprise/horror when I read that each evening of our cruise is semi-formal dining. Not black tie but almost. The men are to wear suits with ties. (Did I mention that this is what Joal wears every day?)

Four nights of elegant evening wear to be packed in my suitcase...hmm. This is going to require some creativity on all levels--creative planning, creative shopping and of course, creative packing.

I don't want to sink hundreds of dollars into this...obviously it'll proabably be a while before I need them again. (My current avarage is a formal event every 13 years...LOL!)

So, all that to say, I've been browsing around ebay for nice outfits. I've had a little luck but not much. I have discovered something else tho--you can really find anything on ebay. Some stuff looks better left unfound--I think. It's difficult to shop online for clothing--you can't touch it or try it on. There's the risk and of course, shipping. I went to a couple of department stores over the weekend and found a few possibilities. Planning to go back next weekend.

Honestly. If we weren't going with Joal's colleagues, I wouldn't bother so much, but we are and I want to step it up.

I wish I knew how to sew with fabric instead of paper.


Debby said...

Hey Sarah! I've just had another thought... I don't know what size you are, nor am I asking you to publicize it here, but I'm wondering if anything of mine would fit you that you could borrow and not have to spend for it if you won't use it again. If that interests you at all, send me an email and we'll set a time for you to come see what you think. I have things in a couple sizes actually...

Shanna said...

Have you thought about shopping in consignment stores? I do, frequently, and find some very nice clothes (both work and casual) at VERY affordable prices. You do have to shop carefully and look at everything twice but it's worth the effort, especially for things you may not wear very often (i.e., formal wear).

sabrina said...

You are also welcome to borrow anything of mine. I bought a cute formal pant suit for Club Scrap retreat last year.

Leigh Ann said...

My closet is open to you, too. One thing I recommend is a basic black dress. You could pair it with a pretty shawl or scarf one night and put a jacket over it another night. I have a beautiful red and black shawl-type wrap that I made for a Valentine's Day date with Rob. And I have several sets of evening-appropriate costume jewelry from my bridesmaid days. Want to come over one night and browse?