Please Let Me Be the One

I almost never use a white background but this one just seemed right. I love the Basic Grey (or is it Gray--I can't remember) Fusion line...I've used it on a ton of projects lately. Great stuff.

While I was away, I noticed that Family Circle did a feature on scrapbooking with Jenni Bowlin and Melissa Inman. How cool is that? It was even mentioned on the cover. I was a little disappointed in the content for beginners--there wasn't much in the way of how to start, where to get more info and even less about who Jenni and Melissa are or why they scrap...but the layouts were awesome and photographed really well. Six scrapbook pages--one of them shown on an entire page of the magazine. Scrap mags could do to take another look at that concept.

Pretty dang cool!


Psychgirl said...

Love your LO! What a great pic.

Jamie said...

I love the LO. It's a great concept.

Michelle W. said...

that is gorgeous! I love that!


TracieClaiborne said...

Love your layout!!!!!! Awesome!