Is Homeschooling Selfish?

I should probably stick with emailing friends and my three favorite scrapbook websites and never surf past them, because--it never fails--when I venture to a new place (or several) I get involved in way too much new information. :)

So, today, without warning, a socio-political blog that I have just started to follow (and choose not to link to at this time) blasts out an opinion on homeschooling, calling it strange and of all things, selfish.


Strangeness doesn't bother me.
Strangeness is subjective.
Anyone and everyone can be strange at times and it's not a permanant condition.

But selfish??

The poster called homeschooling selfish because it takes good parents and good students out of the public school system. Selfish because it prevents children from developing independently of their parents ideals. Selfish because it shields children from learning to interact with those who are different from themselves in terms of religion, race, family structure, language and socio-economic status.


Of course, those of you who know me even a little bit know how much I wanted to rail against these skewed ideas. The term "go off" applies.

But I couldn't.

There is, afterall, only one answer to such thoughtlessness.

"Call me after you actually have children."


Leigh Ann said...

I hate stereotyping! Selfish? I don't think so. Does this person have any idea how much time and effort and expense is involved? You aren't getting paid for this. You could be doing a lot of other things with your time, things that would be fun or relaxing, or something you could get paid for. But you gave that up because you believe it's in your child's best interest. I'm sure that it's a blessing to witness your child's growth and development firsthand, and that you get a lot personal satisfaction from the work you're doing. But you're certainly not doing it for yourself. Selfish is the last word I'd choose to describe what you're doing. I would probably use the term "courageous" myself. And I'm not a homeschooler...but I am a parent.

Shanna said...

I admire you for homeschooling, as I know I never could have done it - I do not have the gift of teaching, nor the patience for it. Both of my kids went to public school and got a great education. And now they're both in college and on the Dean's List, right along with some of their friends who were homeschooled. It all depends on effort given by the teacher and effort made by the student as to the success or failure of kids in either public school or home school. So, if homeschooling is what is best for your boys, then I applaud you!

Tonia said...

When I hear someone talking about homeschooling the first word that comes to mind is "sacrifice". I admire those parents who take the step of faith and homeschool their children. Kudos to everyone who homeschools their children.

Anonymous said...

Selfish - absolutely not

Sacrifice - absolutely

It's not for everyone and not for every child but I admire those who are able to make the right choice for their child. I am doing PreK with my Granddaughter this year and I did it for her sister. It was a blessing and they loved the experience. Her sister excels in public school now. We are blessed to have a good experience with PS but would not hesitate to HS if that changes.

Sarah said...

For the record, the blog I was reading (the one that brought about my outrage) is writen by a 20-year-old, single, non-parent, poli-sci junkie at Vanderbilt U (just down the street) who I met a few weeks ago in real life thru an odd set of circumstances. I don't think he knows I read his blog and I am keeping it that way because he's somewhat intimidating as a person...not in a dangerous way...but in a conversational way. I'm not sure I could keep up if left to defend my opinions about such things as this in a one-on-one. I'm not exactly a fast thinker. That would be why I'm a writer. :)

Anyway, I appreciate the understanding. Uninformed people speaking about topics that are close to my heart kinda lights my fire...if ya didn't notice.

I'm glad there are many educational opportunies available for children today--public school, private, home, boarding, military, etc. I am glad that parents have the right to exercise their God-given responsibilities in doing what is best for their own children.

I just wish a certain Vandy student would get the whole story before spewing forth. But, then again, if he did...what would I blog about??

Have a great weekend, ya'll.

scraptoit said...

I want to read the blog. I am a classroom teacher turned homeschooler -- see my blog at

I was a supporter of homeschoolers before I even had children. I taught in a private school with parents who did not support the political or social enviornment belief structure of our current day public school system.

While I love to get stirred up a bit (love the energy charge) at the stupidity of people who make comments such as the ones you've address by the childless-anti-homeschooler. It is a waste of time to go down paths of this sort. Stupidity runs amuck in our day. Usually because of ignorance and lack of experience. We have lost our ability to reason things out on our own and come to conclusions that refelect truth and righ thinking. We have become sheeple and flitter about adopting the thoughts of others before determining if the value or idea is actually a like-minded thought!

j/aka scraptoit!

Shell said...

Hi, I just scooted over here from the teaching scrabooking list that we are both on. I am a major lurker, but really like the info. I just had to say I totally agree with what you are saying about homeschooling. I also homeschool, and have for 8 years, I get so tired of having to defend it all the time. It's nice to see a positive about it! :)