Where did those 5 days go?

My apologies. I've been sick. And angry. And waiting. And the three do not make for happy or even decent blog posts.

The good news--the excellent news is that Andy's best 2 days since the attack were Sunday and Monday. As of Mom's latest update this morning (Wednesday), he's sitting up in the cardio chair more often and today the occupational therapist helped him to get dressed and took him downstairs for a haircut and shave. Mom said that alone has him feeling like a new man.

He slept better last night than he ever has...less pain, fewer nightmares.

He's more alert and responding to his surroundings more. All good things.

Still waiting on word about where he's going to be moving too...Daniel and Andy are examining all the options and looking for the very best for Andy. I'm not going to try to explain it all--that just seems to lead to confusion. When there's something to tell on that front, I'll post it.

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Deanna said...

You are never far from my thoughts and prayers.