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I'm not sure how the weather was on the ground between Nashville and Tampa today, but at 30,000 feet it was positively magnificent! Lavish blue skies and puffy, marshmallow clouds all the way.

And there was no one in the seat next to me, so I got to have my litlle bubble of space uninterupted. That's always nice.

Weather on the ground in Tampa was a balmy 93 degrees and sinfully breezy.

But enough about the magnificent weather...

Andy. Wow. I am so glad to be here to see him again. He looks so very different that he did the last time I saw him. His facial wounds have cleared, he's been clean-shaven with regularity, and there's a noticable lack of cords and wires and tubes. He's still on the lightweigh soft foods diet...his drink of choice being Sunny D. :)

The down-side is that he's lost a significant amount of weight--dropping from 185 to 145 in less than 6 weeks. He was covered up with a quilt when I first went into his room and I swear he looked about 12. Thankfully, Daniel had warned me.

Andy's new routine here includes a-l-o-t of work--something he wanted. Speech, PT, OT, and several other "T"s...

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Ivana Clay said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound. I am always in awe on plan rides to look down at the clouds from up there. I think it is a spiritual experience. People who are scared to fly don't know what they are missing!