Armando is Home

Armando, my beloved computer, is home from the computer doctor. It was a long few days without him while he was on the fritz...hopefully, he's passed all that craziness now. I only spazzed a little without him.

Only a little (that I'll admit to).
My whole life is on this machine.
I neeeeeed Armando.
He's vital to my mental health.
Don't tell Joal.

In other news, however, in Armando's absence, I did manage to get moving on the big company scrapbook for the cruise. I have not scrapped a single thing since just before Andy got hurt. My scrapbooking juice just went away. I was really getting worried--I've never gone that long without doing something crafty before. I missed it.

About Andy

I talked to Mom earlier today and she said that Andy's feeding tube was removed last night! Great news. He's on the soft foods and Gatoraide diet...much to his approval. Deb said he received oatmeal for breakfast today but sent it back saying it was "nasty". I couldn't help but laugh at that. Oatmeal in our family is somewhat legendary. My mother makes oatmeal--or did when we were growing up--that only barely resembles what most people know as breakfast-style oatmeal. Her creation is more like a warm soft oatmeal cookie in a comes doctored with brown-sugar and butter...sometimes a little milk if it's too hot. Trust me when I say it's the best way to eat oats on the planet! I can just imagine how disappointing hospital oatmeal would be, with a history of my mother's oatmeal!

I digress.

Mom said Andy and Daniel could be transported to Tampa any time--from tomorrow to two weeks from now. They are supposed to get 24 hours notice...but even that's iffy. Whenever the Air Force gets him a ride...that's when he goes. :)

Andy worked on PT for several hours today. Mom says PT is the highlight of his day and he works so very hard. I'm sure his goal is to exhaust himself so he can sleep at night. Mom went with him and she says it wears her out to be there with him. Yesterday the therapists got him on his stomach and up on his elbows (hands on the mat) and asked him to do some half-push-ups. He was able to do quite a few push ups--pushing his upper body up off the mat. Do you know how amazing that is?! And how hard he must be working?! So they did that again today, with success, and Andy commented that "these push ups aren't regulation". So, the PT asked him if he thought he could try to do regular (full-body) push-ups. At first he said "no". So of course, they didn't push. But then he said "yes." Mom said she's never seen the physical therapist scramble so fast to get into position to help him. :) With just help in maintaining the alignment of his lower body so the weight of it didn't throw the rest of his body off, he was able to do 10 (ten!!) push ups from his knees!


It's easy to see the progress in his physical work and we are so grateful for his determination and his unbroken spirit in that regard. It's not so easy to deal with the emotional stuff. Healing is so equally needed and vital for his heart and mind as well as his body. That's our continued prayer...

Happy Thursday.


Tina B. said...

I am so happy to hear that Andy is doing better...I have been thinking about your family and praying for all of you!!!

Susan Gleaton said...

I am so glad to hear the PT progress! My son, Daniel (Andy was his best man), drove from TX to see Andy two weeks ago. To hear the change in what he can do physically is AMAZING! I have always admired Andy, and I know he has the perserverance to go the long haul! I am praying for his emotional strength b/c I realize what a tremendous challenge he is going through. Thanks for keeping us updated on Andy's progress. I check your blog often.
Susan Gleaton