Dude. Go to Walgreens and get a PG test for $25.

OK so last Friday I had to go to the ER. My blood sugar was/is catastrophic and I was severely dehydrated, depressed, mad, and tired of fighting and not winning--all very normal for a person with high blood sugar. So shoot me. I've been a little stressed lately.

Nonetheless, after two bags of fluids and several rounds of "giving blood" for labs, the ER nurse told me I had an infection, and to go home and keep fighting. Just like I had been doing for a week.

Today the bill arrives.
Joy. Joy.

The good news. In the myriad of blood work, they gave me a pregnancy test. For the low low price of $293.

You could have just asked me.
I'm pretty bright.
I would know.
Or gone to Walgreens and gotten a very high-quality, brand-name test for somewhere in the neighborhood of $25...not that I have needed one of those in about 5+ years...but ya know, it's kindof general knowledge among women.

293 dollars.
Just plain ol craziness.

And PS...No I'm not pregnant.
Big news there.
Alert the media.

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Mimi said...

I hope you feel better soon.