From Daddy on Thursday

Hello family,

We had probably the best day we have had since surgery today. I talked with the doctors as they came in early this morning about Andy's drowsiness etc. through the day. He has not really been clear since his surgery. I suspected the meds and I ask for some adjustments. As usual, they responded immediately and he was much brighter and more active today.

He had a teleconference with the rehab facility today. In all, there were about 35 doctors involved around 2 conference tables--one at WR and on in Tampa, Florida. The Florida group assured Andy that they had the facility and the expertise to get him to his maximum. Then Dr. Scott, the main doctor in Florida asked Andy if he had the drive to go the distance. Donna said that he straightened up in the strongest voice he's had since he's been here he said, "Sir, Yes sir. That is an affirmative!"

That is so Andy.

But, he is also still working through those big issues. Please continue to pray for him in that regard. He is kind of fighting a two front war--one with himself and one with his rehab. But, he is doing an admirable job of both. It seems to Dad these days that he just has to be older than 22 years.

Thanks for all your kindnesses and encouragement.
Love in Christ
For now,
Larry, Donna and Family.

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