Just received a short email from Dad saying Andy has a collapsed lung.


Margie said...

Dear Andy and Family,
My name is Margie, coordinator of Operation Appreciation (OA) sending care packages 3 times per yr to our deployed troops. There are hundreds involed for the love of our troops.
Two yrs ago, a mother saw her son Joushua, off to the the war, while in route she came to help us pack. I believe that was good theraphy for her. While we were packing for the 4th of July boxes, she got a phone call from her son Joshua. He stated he just landed. and said "Mom! quit crying, I'm ok. Mom! quit crying, I'll be ok! and Mom said "I know son, there are hundreds of East Texans praying for you."
We just wanted Andy to know that there are hundreds if not thousands praying for him and his family. I know (OA), and Welcome Soldier group, the motor cycle family PG, and many more. Be strong be courgeous for the Lord our God is with YOU.

squillen said...

I hope they're able to help his lung! Lots of prayers going out for Andy for a full recovery!

grammy jo said...

to Family, Just contacted our prayer group so Andyf and your entire family are being lifted to the Father for encouragement, healing, and sustaining grace. Your "journaling" has been such a
blessing to so many of us.Thank you for doing that and letting us share in it. So many have received so much from your writing. Blessings to you all,
Rob's Mom JoAnn

Mimi said...

Oh no! Continued prayers as he navitgates this setback.

Spring Barnickle said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! Praying here for quick healing, good pain control, and no complications. I hope so much that tonight brings peace and comfort in spite of physical setbacks.

Spring Barnickle

Jan M. said...

Dear Andy and family,

I'm with East Texas Military Families and I've been keeping up with you and praying of course. Your story has also been circulated through our organization and to others around the country. You are such an inspiration to us all, your courage and strength. Please know you are always in my thoughts and I'm looking forward to meeting you face to face as you recover and get home.

You have thousands of people praying for you, so all you need to do is keep faith and know you are loved.

If there is ANYTHING that we can do please never hesitate to contact us,

God Bless and all our love,
Jan Maxwell
Kilgore, TX

Godsavzu said...

Andy & Family,

Just wanted to let you know that one more sister in Christ is praying for you. Thank you for sharing your story. You have been an encouragement to many. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you with strength and peace.

Deanna said...

Our pastor's sermon this morning was on "Fear not... Believe Only". I couldn't help but think of Andy. So many of my church family must have thought the same thing because so many asked about him following the service. We are all praying.