A New Day

There are still concerns about Andy's lungs and pancreas, but there are also areas of improvement-especially the movement and control of his arms and ever-increasing amounts of mobility. On Sunday, Andy tried out a motorized chair. He took it for a spin and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Mom said she thought that the only downside was that Andy thought the chair didn't go fast enough. ;) If I know my brothers they are already scheeming how to "Tim Taylor" that baby. He got pretty exhausted tho...

Sunday also brought the return of Aunt Judy and Uncle Ron (they live in Maryland, so they visit on the weekends). Andy was glad to see them--Ron is a retired Navy man (something I just learned), so they have alot in common.

Dad says Andy's been watching a good bit of the Olympics on television.

On a personal note, today is Grey's first full day of Kindergarten. I dropped him off this morning and as he was walking in, he turned back and gave me the "thumbs up" sign. :)

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grammy jo said...

How excited we are to hear of such a big step. We continue to pray for his lungs, pancreas, and his ability to move on to the next level.. Thank you so much for keeping us informed!!!!