Birthday Funny.

So, if I had posessed two brain cells I would have thought to stop and take a picture...but I didn't so you'll just have to read all about it.

A few days ago Julian and I were down in Cool Springs doing a little shopping. As we drove past the world-famous Financial Peace Plaza, on Mallory Lane (hi dave) --on the next corner I noticed a banner that said "Call ___ and wish him a Happy Birthday 000-0000". (I can't remember the name of the person...Richard maybe.) For non-locals, Mallory Lane is one of the busiest streets in the community...tons of business offices and retail establishments. It's always busy.

I'm sorry. I thinks that's about the craziest funniest birthday prank in the history of modern birthday gags! The banner was huge and in a very visible location...I wouldn't be surprised if a gazillion people called to wish him a happy birthday!

I bet it was the best birthday and the busiest...ever!

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