Stampin' Up

I had the pleasure of attending my neighbor's Stampin' Up New Catalog Release Party last night...what a blast! There were about 20 people there (maybe more) and she had six stations set up--each with a different project. It was nice not to have to think too much about what to do--just stamp and assemble. The new catalog is many things to love. I had such a great time!

The card above is made using the new colors from Stampin' Up! Aren't they pretty and seaside-ish. The bracket frame is a set that comes with 4 stamps (all that shape) and (get this) a punch that is perfectly matched for use with the set. How cool is that? (Cool enough that I ordered it...)

One can never go wrong with pink and red and brown and glitter right!

This is the's just large enough that when you raise the flap, there's a pocket for a mini-chocolate bar or other treat. With just a slight adjustment, this could also be the perfect holder for a gift card. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the inside.)

And finally, in Andy news, a few days ago my father wrote about Andy's hair. I found this photo a while back and thought some of you might get a kick out of it. It was after his first haircut, which tamed his flaming curls just a little. A little. Not much. As you can see. :) That's Andy on the right, lookin' all devious and cute in his cammo at Christmas.

Happy Saturday!

PS I'm aware that my blog banner is goofed up right now. Sorry about that. I dumped a bunch of stuff off my website and accidentally deleted it. I'll get it fixed in a while.


Mimi said...

My SU gal's roll out was today, as I was unable to attend, I stopped by to pick up the catty last night.

And, I agree, those colors are GORGEOUS. I don't even like SU's stamp pads, and I'm still planning on buying some of them.

The Purser Family said...

Love the stampin stuff! You are so talented!
That picture is exactly how I remember them! We all loved his hair!!

Shanna said...

Thanks for sharing that photo of Andy...what a doll face!