From Dad on Saturday

Hello to Andy's extended family,

Sorry to be a little inconsistent with updates the last few days. I'm finding it more difficult, not being at the scene. I don't want to overload him, but I hope to be able to turn these updates over to Daniel soon so that your info does comes directly from the scene. However, Dan's wireless capable lap top is still in route to Florida. That makes it much more difficult for him to take care of this right now. So, I guess Dad is still the guy, along with Sarah and her wonderful blog, and our great son-in-law, Joal, with his occasional messages.

So, here we go. It seems the boys are just in the "take it all in" mode right now. Andy is just working through a kind of orientation at the hospital and the first week stuff is going on. Daniel said the transition had been fairly painless for both of them as far as the orientation goes.
Andy is still dealing with pain in his shoulder but the doctor's are very focused on that now. They have given him a cortisone (I think) shot to help but it takes 24 hours to kick in. However this should give him some relief.

He will have a regular daily routine within a few days. His work will involve from 2 to 6 hours a day. He continues to laugh and talk and cut up a bit with the staff there. Daniel also speaks, as you would expect, of some low times too.

My feeling is that we have kind of settled in for the "long haul." I can only somewhat estimate Andy's emotional ups and downs from this distance, and Donna and I both are really uncomfortable with that, even though we know that for now it is necessary and best. Andy's heart is the issue that is really never very far from our minds, and I know all of you share in that concern. But, for now at least, it seems to be mostly about just breathing in and breathing out, and putting one foot in front of another to get to a better place.

That place is coming because God's in the deal.

Love to all. Larry, Donna and family.

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