It took driving clear down to Tullahoma to get it, but yes, I'm driving a delightful silver Jeep again.

I found her online Monday night and Joal took Tuesday off and we went down to get it, leaving at 6 am, so the whole day wouldn't be lost. It was worth it.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when this car is out of the picture. I've driven three Jeeps in a row now (all from the late nineties) and I think I would be happy to continue driving them until the end of time. Maybe one of my sons will grow up to be a mechanic. :)

Speaking of sons growing up, G is counting the days until pre-K at the end of the month. We have acquired the mandatory backpack and lunch box and he thinks he is hot stuff. He learned to write his name last week (wiping sweat from my brow...I was so worried). I'm excited for him. This time around is so different.

I did something boldly frightening on Sunday. I ordered a new bathing suit online for the Feb 2008 cruise. (No, that's not the frightening part. LOL!) I ordered it in a full 5 sizes smaller than I am currently wearing. How's that for inspiration and motivation! Cross your fingers for me! The treadmill is calling.

It's election day in Middle TN. We will be getting a new mayor and our district is electing a council person. It's been interesting to see the impact that local political and community bloggers have made on this election.

In other news, a recent thread on 2peas has got me thinking about honesty in scrapbooking. The thread was a nasty one (in my opinion, gossippy and lacking in compassion) about a certain famous personality who has recently acknowledged that she is getting a divorce. More than one pea said something like "they always looked so happy in her layouts". Well, duh. When was the last time we saw a layout titled "I wish you would fall off the planet!" or "What Was I Thinking When I Married You?"

I've considered this before. How honest should a scrapbook be? I tend to think it should be pretty honest but not hurtful. Everyone knows that life is not all "Live Laugh Love" right. There are no perfect angel children. There are no all-knowing, mistake-free parents. There are no perfect marriages. Are we portraing these things and passing out these dishonest unrealistic images of lives of perfection? I hope not. However, it does occur to me that if I had layouts that illustrate the imperfection of my life, I probably wouldn't post them online. Does that make me guilty of perpetuating the "our life is perfect" myth simply by editing what I put out there?

More to think about.

Happy Thursday.


Anita said...


Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahha, I think I shall put on my next layout "I wish you would fall off the planet." It is always sad to see anyone get a divorce, and this case is no different.

Congratulations on the new car!

Mimi said...

(I should clarify, I don't wish that upon anyone in my life, it was more the annoyances of life kind of thought)

Alyssa said...

Well put. I always feel a tad dishonest when I creatively crop out the laundry on the couch and the toys on the floor...Oh, well, I think it's just human nature to want to put our best self our there.

Heather said...

You are going to look BEAUTIFUL in that suit!! How did I know it was going to be Land's End before I even clicked on the link? They have the best suits out there. Good luck with the drop in sizes. I'm needing to lose the end of baby #3 weight, so let me know if you discover anything magic to try :) Nice new jeep. Glad you're OK. Sorry Deb's gone. It's kind-of like floating along under a balloon and then being set down with a hard bump. Ouch...back to real life.