It's Fall? No not quite. At least not around these parts. Sure, school has started but unfortunately, school no longer signals the beginning of fall. It's still summer here but the pea prompt for today was to list some fall goals. Here are mine/ours:

--Spend time outside. We have been so shut up in the house due to the extreme heat that we are all in desperate need of some quality outside time the minute this heat breaks.

--School...for G and J--and possibly for me. I'm considering a creative writing class. I need something new.

--There may be a teaching opportunity on the horizon. If so, I'm going to embrace that for all I am worth. I have missed it.

Those are the new goals. There are always regular things I can do better--be a better mother, be more consistent with my Diabetic care (ugh), work on the house, stop procrastinating and stop being unfocused. Get a new attention span...LOL! Read more.

Did you see Tracie Claiborne's blog today? She used some of the lovely new Scenic Route papers! I'm trying to be patient

So I got an interesting piece of mail today that confirmed something I already knew but was trying to live in denial about--apparently I go to Kroger too often. The proof: Kroger sent me a little coupon book and on the cover it says "For one of our favorite customers..." Inside there are a bunch of coupons for things I buy most often and a $15 off coupon. Fifteen dollars. Now, that, my friends, is a coupon. :)

And finally, my honey visited the used CD store last week (like almost every week) and came home with a few new musical lovelies--one for me--Darryl Worley's 2004 CD called (get this) Darryl Worley. LOL! Every time I see his name I think about "my other brother Darryl" from Newhart. Anyway, it's the one that has "Aweful Beautiful Life". I do like that song. In a country girl sorta way. Let's face it--musical genius is not generously spread about in country music but I like it anyway. Sometimes. I digress. Sorry. There's a line in that song that speaks to me:

"You can't really smile until you shed some tears."

Happy Thursday.


Leah said...

I love when Krogers sends those coupon booklets! Hope your teaching opportunity pulls through for you.

Lynn said...

What a great list of fall goals. Mine is to get this house clean! It never really happens but a girl can dream!
$15. off coupon... that is gold girl. I love those coupons. I get a lot from JC Penneys!
Have a great Thursday.

Sherri said...

Love that song too...a great list of goals.

TracieClaiborne said...

Thanks for the shout out. :)

I looovvveee Darryl Worley!