What's that noise? Outside, eminating from the sky? Booming? Seems familiar...but it's been so long. Could it be thunder? (Here's hoping...) Yes, I'm blogging about the weather again. Sorry.

In other news, yes, that layout you see in the opening of my post has--yes, count them--six photos!! SIX! Don't anyone get hurt falling in the floor!

Six wallet prints...what a neat way to sumarize all (or much) of what we did this summer. Hand-written journaling, too. This is a piece of the Scenic Route background makes handwriting right on the layout so easy. And the sun, in the upper left corner is a punch that just happened to be the perfect size to fit inside the stamped image. I love that kind of lucky. The stamp is from Danielle Johnson's Art Warehouse line, which I really like. (Old news.) It's obviously not a sun, per se, but I thought it made a nice one anyway. If it didn't look like a sun to you, you don't have to tell me. Don't shatter my delusion, please.

Wanna hear something funny? We had to have our new Jeep serviced this week and have some AC work done. There was a weird smell coming from the AC vents when it was on. Verdict: a "varmin" died in there. "A while back". I made him stop before he told me exactly what the "varmin" was...I could have lived my whole life without that knowledge. First off, it's just gross. And second, I would think of said "varmin" everytime I use the AC...and I use the AC year round. That would be this month's re-do, if I had one. A certain husband would have kept that bit of info to himself. And I would have cried if he had said it was "Chippie", the local baby chipmunk, who lives under our house. So, yes, I'm choosing to remain in the dark.

May all your stamps do double duty and may your AC always smell un-Varmin-like. :)

PS Those felt letters on the layout are by KI Memories. I don't recommend paying full price for them, as cute as they are. The "adhesive" on them does not work. Sadness. You would think that an industry that has every conceivable adhesive at it's fingertips, could manage to use adhesives that actually work on products that need to be stuck. Or here's a clue: no adehsive necessary. I will still buy them and use my own adhesive--my favorite adhesive that I know works.

Oh my, it's raining!!

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