And there she is...

The May 2003 issue of CK is one of my all-time favorites. It's the issue with Becky's baby page for her then-new son Porter on the cover. It's full of Cathy and Julie Turner and Becky H. It's--in my opinion--one of the very best issues they've ever produced.

I read and re-read all the issues from 2003 periodically. I'm kinda stuck in 2003. It was an excellent scrapbooking year. :) There was lots of paper tearing going on that year. And brads. And ribbon. See, I told you, very good year.

The other reason I like May 03? It has Julie's ad for Sakura in it. I always forget and it sneaks up on me and then *BOOM*. There's Mattie Grace and Julie, smiling back at me on page 112. It's so nice to see the face of a friend.

In other news, the cover of Scrapbook Etc (Aug/Sept 07) is bugging me. Not the layout but the journaling. The journaling reads: "At almost 4 years old, JonPaul is famous for his nose-wrinkling, belly-clutching fits of laughter. During our annual family picnic, he entertained us all with his antics." But when you look at the picture, you don't see a wrinkled nose nor is he clutching his belly. Can you say creative license?

For what it's worth, I've heard that the artists doing cover layouts are given the photo and the journaling to work with, so I'm certainly not blaming the design talent of Ms Cathy Blackstone. Who knows? It just seemed odd to me. The photographer, Anita Matejka was quoted as saying he was laughing at a puppy in the yard.

I have always said I hate it when bloggers blog about the weather...but it's 104 here today and for 2 weeks straight has been over 100. I'm tired of this. School has started. It's time for fall. Fall. Fall. I want fall.

Closed Circut to Heather: Did you see the big article in Sunday's paper about Bloomington?

Happy Wednesday all!


Debby said...

I too have been doing the "Fall" chant. I moved from Texas 6 1/2 years ago to get away from this stuff! It has been so horrible that I just about can't take any more. Monday, I was driving back to the office from a nice lunch at Susannah's, I was so desparate I cried out to God to please send rain, send clouds, send 20 degree drop in temps, just something for a little relief. Well, praise His name at 4:30pm I looked out my window to see the sun had disappeared and it stayed cloudy at least as long as it took me to finish my day and get home! And of all things, I'm supposed to go canoeing on Saturday on the Duck River with my SS class. Pray for me!!

Mimi said...

That was a good issue, I agree.

I just for the first time ever subscribed to Scrapbooks Etc, my first issue is pink with a little girl on the cover.

milkcan said... I really wish I had a copy of CK from 2003! But, I wasn't scrapping back then...alas.