Crafty Assignment of the Day

Crafty Assignment of the Day:
Organize all the clear stamps (and a few unmountedred rubber ones too).

I had several new sets of Technique Tuesday stamps that had to be unpackaged, put into CD cases, and make the index print of them (photo copy at 50%).

I had to clean some well-loved ones and get them back into the right case. And my clear blocks were in need of some serious cleaning, soI was glad to get that done.

It feels nice to have this little project accomplished.

Happy Saturday.


Sherri said...

Wish cleaning/organizing stamps was all I needed to do LOL looks like you have a great collection. Have a great weekend

Lorie said...

I love when I get a project done!!! And your stamp collection looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

Colleen said...

Awesome! Love the CD case idea! Congrats on getting that little job done!