Happy Sunday!

Tried this recipe today for earned a 7 on the 1-10 scale of easy meals. The guys gobbled it up...but that can't really be considered an endorsement--they pretty much like whatever I cook. I doubled the sausage and omitted the hot peppers. I also added a half can of whole kernal corn (drained).

I could use some time here: Wanna join me?

I have updated the *Scrapbook Stores in TN* list yet again. You can find it at

I turned in my swap cards for LSS Card Swap yesterday! The theme was "Mising you". Here's a pic:

Anyone like to guess where my red Jenni Bowlin journaling cards have run off too? Because it's driving me up the wall...I'm all ready to use them and they are no where to be found.

Joal finished my kitchen window seat yesterday. I love how it looks like it's floating there. (It's not actually floating, but the supports are out-of-sight. Isn't my brother the best?) My goal for this week is to do the cushion and find baskets and pillows.

Now for my little parenting rant of the day: When are we going to study the effects of a television-free lifestyle on our children?,0,3226267.story?coll=la-tot-topstories&track=ntottext What about children who read books or listen to music instead of watching television at all? How does their vocabulary development rank? One wonders. Oh. And what about the parents who are also subjected to the Baby Einstein their vocabularies decrease as well? (I know, now I'm just being smart.)

May your kitchen creations be enjoyed by those you love and
may your children all have extensive vocabularial development!

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Michele said...

Did Scrappin on Main in Carthage close? Franky's mom and step-dad own land near there and I had been in there a couple of times. I don't see it on your list of stores in Middle TN but didn't see it listed as closed either.

Keep up the good work and see you on 9/8!